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In this site, entirely dedicated to PRIMAVERA technologies, you will find all the resources you need to develop integration and extensibility projects, from How-to articles and videos to programming support tools.

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Find out all you need to know to create quick and simple integrations with this 100% cloud-based software.
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Eye Peak

Learn to develop projects for integration with external systems, as well as extensibility for this solution.
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Business Analytics

Get all the resources you need to start developing your projects with the BA solutions.
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Find all the resources you need to quickly start your OMNIA integration projects.
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Find all the resources you need to quickly start your integration and extensibility projects.
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Cloud ERP

Find out all you need to know to create a quick and easy integration with this 100% cloud software.
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To integrate vertical solutions into an ERP, or even to customize it, a good understanding of the API is essential. This is the problem that traditional tech support cannot solve effectively, which leads to project delays. Closer and more immediate contact with experts is critical because it gives us a deeper understanding of how the API works, accelerating project development. The release of the V10 makes this even more important since the whole platform is changing.
Pedro Neves - Ferreira e Sanches
All throughout our partnership, which has been going on for several years, PRIMAVERA has always been concerned with equipping their products with tools that help us develop and integrate our applications. This support channel is another example of this. As an integrating partner, this new tool allowed us to provide our end customers with products globally simpler and better.
Fernando Carvalho - ELO Sistemas de Informação
As a technician with several years of experience developing PRIMAVERA integration projects, it was sometimes difficult to find answers for technical questions. With this new support method, I foresee several advantages focused on achieving the satisfaction of our end customers. By dramatically reducing response times, we will be able to finish projects faster and increase overall productivity.
Paulo Santos - NKA
Despite being relatively new, this platform has already streamlined several complicated and time-consuming processes. Development became faster, more consistent and more closely aligned with the best practices used by PRIMAVERA, which brought benefits for both parties. In the near future I expect this practice to become widespread and used by all technicians, both PRIMAVERA employees or technology partners.
Nuno Gonçalves - INSC